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Storyteller at Heart

Growing up, I loved listening to the stories my parents would tell of their journeys to adulthood through the 1950's. Even hearing a good story more than once was very pleasing and that had an effect on me. The way a story is told by someone can enhance the content when one can feel the passion of the storyteller.

I love the process of researching subjects for my stories as it is a learning experience for me and hopefully for my audience as well. I always wrote short stories but until I tackled my first novel, I never realized what a great experience I had been missing. The process hooked me and I have been writing non-stop ever since.

I am not sure where these stories come from but to write them, for me, is like reading an exciting new novel. As the story develops, I find it thrilling to see where it will end up because as I write, I have no idea until the plot reveals itself to me.

I am currently working on securing an agent with the hopes of getting my novel(s) published. Once they are published, I hope you find the same excitement as you read my stories as I have with writing them.

Happy reading!

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