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Upcoming Works

Below is a sampling of the novels I have written and am getting prepared to submit to agents.

Spring Peeper pic.jpg


Creation is my first novel and opened a new world for me with writing.

Randy Spencer, a 14-year-old Iowa farm boy, stumbles across a strange object at the site of an alleged alien abduction of a local high schoolboy. Randy discovers the object holds great powers of creation, bringing to life anything he wants to create with the object. The adventure and dangers begin to unfold as Randy uses the object to create things that were never meant for this world. 

Finding Elysium

Rick Andrews takes a much needed vacation to Bora Bora, to meet with an old friend, enjoy time scuba diving and to take in a few weeks of relaxation on the beautiful beaches of the South Pacific.

Chased by a hungry shark one afternoon while scuba diving, Rick ducks into a cavern and discovers a tunnel leading to a hidden world full of beauty, mystery, and danger. Curiosity leads him back to the cave the following day, bringing otherworldly encounters that will both endanger and change his life forever.

Syrenia's Journey.jpg

The Water Bear

12-year-old twins Kane and Maximus Otterbein share abilities unseen before in the human race. Tragedy strikes the boys in various ways as they grow up but they always pull through, unscathed. As they grow, additional abilities appear, making the boys practically invincible. 

The discovery of their father's secret journal reveals the reason behind their incredible abilities. As word spreads publicly of the boys' superhuman abilities, trouble comes knocking, threatening the lives of everyone around them.

A Persistent Illusion

When Bran Sundquist purchased the home of his dreams, he had no idea the effect his new home would have on his life.

The history of the home held incredible secrets that were connected to the discovery Bran would make in his basement. A machine hidden in a small room will take him on adventures and change the lives of those around him in ways that never seemed possible. The power to change history was now in his hands.

Astronomical Clock
In The Works: Work
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